Michael DeCourcy On The Supreme Court Decision That’s Shaking Up College Sports

Michael DeCourcey, the Indy-based Sporting News reporter and columnist, has covered college athletics for four decades. With the benefit of that experience, he joins the podcast this week to analyze the recent unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of increased financial compensation for student-athletes, and what it means for the NCAA. Mike and Derek talk about the history of the NCAA’s legal struggles going back to the 1980s, why they continue fighting a battle they’ve already mostly lost in the court of public opinion, and how an NCAA with more player compensation might not look very much different from the one we already have.Note: This episode was recorded before the NCAA’s announcement Monday that it would recommend players be allowed to monetize their likenesses, so that decision is not discussed.

If NCAA had never taken on Ed O’Bannon, it might not have been dunked on so furiously by the Supreme Court,” Mike DeCourcy, the Sporting News, June 21 2021

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