Seven Indy Places Reminiscent of Favorite 1990s Haunts

Isn’t it ironic? Gen X fashion is back—just in time to dress appropriately at these Indy spots.
1014_YELLOWPURSEIf you loved: Olivia’s Painted Cup, a DIY pottery studio
Try: Wine & Canvas 3969 E. 82nd St., 317-345-1567 
To Relive Memories Of: Bonding with your girlfriends during your Martha Stewart phase
And Dress the Part: Mustard handbag, $47.25 at Boho Pretty fashion truck.
If you loved: Hollywood Bar & Filmworks
WHITE BISHOPTry: Studio Movie Grill, 3535 W. 86th St., 317-876-3331
To Relive Memories Of: Servers scurrying around in the dark to deliver pizza and cocktails (albeit no Tequila Mockingbird)
And Dress the Part: “White Bishop” Swatch with glow-in-the-dark hands, $50 at Swatch. The Fashion Mall, 317-844-4630
1014_JEANVESTIf you loved: The Abbey Coffeehouse
Try:  SoHo Cafe & Gallery 620 S. Range Line Rd., Carmel, 317-564-4800
To Relive Memories Of: Playing checkers and humming “Smelly Cat”
And Dress the Part: Litz distressed denim vest, $35 at Niche Boutique. 916 Broad Ripple Ave., 317-205-9680
10_14_BALANCE.inddIf you loved: Essential Edibles1014_BLACKBOOT
Try: Duos Eskenazi Health hospital at IUPUI, 720 Eskenazi Ave., 317-880-5676
To Relive Memories Of: Your vegan year
And Dress the Part: Yosi Samra chunky-heel boot, $198 at8 Fifteen. 815 E. 65th St., 317-253-1234
1014_REDPANTSIf you loved: The Patio Nightclub
Try: The Hi-Fi Murphy Building, 1043 Virginia Ave., 317-493-1209
To Relive Memories Of: Standing too close to the speakers during an Oliver Syndrome concert
And Dress the Part: Zanerobe “Sureshot” cinched-ankle chinos, $99 at James Dant. 5624 E. Washington St., 317-512-7058
1014_NINTENDOCLUTCHIf you loved: Block Party
Try: Dallara IndyCar Factory 1201 W. Main St., Speedway, 317-243-7171
To Relive Memories Of: Geeking out on the latest video-game technology—virtual reality then, iRacing simulators now
And Dress the Part: Repurposed Nintendo controller clutch by 1UP Gallery, $20 at Homespun. 869 Massachusetts Ave., 317-351-0280
1014_WOODSUNGLASSESIf you loved: Cafe Angst
Try: The Irving Theater’s open-mic nights, 5505 E. Washington St., 317-356-3355
To Relive Memories Of: Brooding strangers baring their souls
And Dress the Part: Proof “Ontario Wood” bamboo colored-lens sunglasses, $130 at James Dant