IU’s Big Ten Title Breaks Tom Crean’s Buyout Clock

How much time does a Big Ten title buy?

Is it time to love Tom Crean again? The folks at tomcreanbuyout.com apparently think so. Last year, after the Hoosiers stumbled to a seventh place finish in the Big Ten, the website asked a simple question—“What does Tom Crean’s buyout cost today should he be dismissed from his contract as Indiana University basketball coach?”—and provided a simple answer in the form of a running clock that tallied the price. But after last night’s win at Iowa that cemented a conference-tying 22nd title (hello, Purdue), the tomcreanbuyout.com folks scrapped the clock in favor of a new message:

Congratulations, Tom!

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2016 Big Ten Champions

For Hoosier fans, there’s no time like the present.


Bonus: Seth Davis wants you to man up!