Farewell Tour: Jim Nabors's Indy 500 Parting Words

With the “Back Home Again” icon announcing his retirement from singing in 2014, he had a lot to say this week. Here, some of his most memorable quips.

Jim Nabors set aside plenty of time today and over the weekend to talk with media and fans in this, his last-ever year singing “Back Home Again in Indiana” before the Indianapolis 500.

Some of his most quotables:

About his run in Indianapolis: “It’s been a good one, man.”

“I had a liver transplant, and I’m part Mexican now.”

“I talked with Carol Burnett two days ago. She said to tell ya’ll hi!”

When a little boy asked him to say golly and shazam: Golly and Shazam, and how about Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

“I didn’t think I’d be living 42 years later, let alone singing.”

When asked what he’ll miss most from the Indy 500: “I’ll miss the people mostly, and then I’ll miss the engines starting.”

When asked how he feels about this being his last race: “I’m trying not to be too emotional, or I’ll gargle the song.”

“Looking back on my life, I’ve realized all my dreams. Where do I go
from there?

“There’s a time in life when you have to move on. I’ll be 84 this year, and I just figured it was time. It’s kind of hard to travel and there’s a bunch of reasons. This is really the highlight of my year. It’s very sad for me, but there’s something inside me that tells me when to go.”

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