Huddle Up, Madonna Edition: Quick Hits on the Halftime Performer

Amid all the Monday-morning quarterbacking today, the web rehashed the NFL’s confirmation (via this commercial) that Madonna will headline this year’s Super Bowl halftime show—the most-watched musical event of the year—accompanied by Cirque du Soleil and a very good choreographer that no football fan has heard of. 

Most opinions were voiced back in October, when the Madonna rumor started flying and wasn’t exactly denied. Back then, Washington Post readers approved of the choice. We at IM also hoped against hope in fashioning “Like a Vegan,” an Indy dining guide tailored to the erstwhile Material Girl.

But here’s one thing no one has mentioned: The Hoosier State and Ms. Ciccone have had good creative juju in the past. She filmed A League of Their Own in Evansville in 1991, and though she complained about the local amenities, she turned in a well-received performance as wartime baseball player “All the Way” Mae. Rolling Stone said she played the part with “scrappy wit.”

And Her Madgesty isn’t totally out of her element in the Midwest. She’s from Michigan, after all. On the other hand, we’re guessing she hasn’t heard the best things about our city lately. Remember, her trainer, Tracy Anderson, ran a Pilates studio here for several years before leaving town amid a flurry of business-related legal trouble.  

Here, a chorus of reactions from the blogosphere:

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>>The Guardian is suddenly very interested in American football, providing some guidelines for Madge’s performance and rating past halftime performers.

>> A cougar joke.


Photo courtesy of Madonna’s Facebook page