Madonna Fields Silly Press Questions


First, see the queen–and her sinewy arms–enter the hotel for her press meeting …

The Artist Forever Known as Madonna fielded a few fairly sloppy queries from the press today. A couple “reporters” seemed to slobber on the mic as they got their licks in. Stationed at a podium at the downtown JW Marriott Hotel here, she was mostly plucky herself–and answered everything without a hint of a British accent(!).

Here you go, today’s high- and lowlights both–and you can decide what’s what:

Will you have a pre-performance ritual: “A lot of prayers.”

How have you trained for this performance: “Pilates, dance cardio. Jump rope.”

On her recent hamstring injury: “I’m okay, lots of warm-ups and taping and ultrasounds. I feel like I’m one of the football players right now with all of the physical therapy.”

Do you think [injured New England Patriots’ tight end Giant Rob] Gronkowski will play? “A lot of people say I’m a masochist. I would just tape my ankle and take an anti-inflammatory and get my butt out there. Does that answer it?”

As to her performance details: “I’ve been inside the stadium. It’s amazing … I’ll be doing three old songs, one new one, okay? … I have a new single ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” out tomorrow on iTunes, and I might do that.”

About her Michigan roots: “This is a Midwestern girl’s dream. … My father is the personification of Midwest values. If I work hard, it’s because of him.” [She chokes up ever so slightly.] “Of anything I’ve done, this will make him most happy.”

[From a 23-year-old Tampa Bay Buccanneers player in the back] I’m young, and you’re an icon. You’ve stood the test of time. What advice do you have for a career, as I’m just 23…
“I have love for 23-year-olds.”

(So creepy-comic is her Madgesty!)

On reports that New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, sent an email to friends and family asking for prayer for Brady’s Super Bowl performance: “I think that’s great. She’s a good wife.”

About her costuming: “Great attention has been paid to my wardrobe. There will be no wardrobe malfunctions. … The envelope I’m pushing is just for a fantastic show for all ages.”

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen since you’ve been in Indy? “Me.”

[Allowing that questioner, a 12-year-old “kid reporter,” a follow-up, as the first answer was so brief]
“I’ll be going between my hotel and the stadium for the most part. My kids are coming this weekend, and I hear there’s a really great children’s museum here, and so I hope they can enjoy that.”

Photos by Mike Botkin