Madonna Lets Papa (John) Preach

Fifty pizzas from Papa John’s: That’s what Sunday night’s halftime show performer fed her posse on Wednesday night, if that bastion of journalism known as TMZ is to be believed. Indiana-born “Papa” John Schnatter’s store reported a reduced-rate bill of $467, with a “very decent” tip. Madonna footed the bill herself. (Duh.)

Hmm. Must have been that extra hour of rehearsal, as her first practice for this weekend’s Super Bowl show was rumored to have run five hours instead of the allotted four. Anyway, we trust these pipin’ hot pies were for the hangers-on and not her own crew and performers. Madonna needs those folks (many of them locals!) to stay as toned and ridiculous good-looking as they can.

Good on her for supporting the Ball State-educated, fast-pizza guru’s business. See? Celebrities: They’re just like us.