New England Patriots Fans Sue the NFL Over ‘Deflategate’

Patriots fans vs. the world.

Deflategate happened in January 2015, more than a full NFL season ago.

Indianapolis is over it.

Colts fans are over it.

Indy sports media is so over it, they’ve since turned on each other.

But earlier this week, a group of seven New England Patriots fans showed they aren’t yet ready to let things die. On behalf of victimized Pats fans everywhere, the group filed a lawsuit against the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell, and Robert Kraft. Yes, that Robert Kraft. The NFL took the Patriots’ first-round draft pick away, and those litigious fans want it back. (If the situation were reversed, Colts fans might actually welcome the loss of a first-round draft pick, considering Ryan Grigson’s track record.)

The seven plaintiffs allege “irreparable injury by being deprived of their team’s first-round draft choice.” A 7-year-old daughter of a plaintiff has devastated her father by talking about finding another team. An out-of-town Patriots fan has allegedly been traumatized by “haters” as a result of the scandal.

Here are real things that are actually in the lawsuit:

Robert Kraft had remedies to attempt to get Plaintiffs’ draft pick back, but he chose his fellow billionaire owners above the Plaintiffs and fellow fans.


Plaintiffs have dealt with embarrassment, ridicule and depression due to the rest of the country who is jealous of the Patriots “piling on” and criticizing the Patriots and their fans for being “cheaters.”


The treatment, especially for fans outside of New England where there are a high number of fans from other teams, has been traumatic.