Quick Q&A with Colts First Round Draft Pick Ryan Kelly

The team’s new center makes his debut this month. We had questions. He had some snappy answers.
People are calling you the next Jeff Saturday. Is that flattering or nerve-wracking?
Jeff Saturday and Peyton Manning got the offense going thanks to the relationship they had. I can’t say that Andrew Luck and I will be the same way, because we’re different people. But I think we can model what we do after those guys. If we happen to be that good, it will be pretty cool.

What’s the biggest difference between the pros and college?
The time needed to learn the offense. This is the highest level in football, and these are the smartest guys in the game. I’ve been running the same offense for the last five years at the University of Alabama. Things are obviously going to be new. I just can’t get frustrated.

After five years of playing in Alabama, how do you feel about moving to a place that actually has winters?
I grew up in Cincinnati, so I’m not totally unaccustomed to snow. And when it comes to challenging weather, I don’t think anything compares to the summer heat in Alabama. But to play in those cold road games late in the season when it really counts? That’s going to be great.

You were named the 2015 SEC Scholar-Athlete of the Year, so are you and Luck officially the cerebral guys on the team?
I go back to the quarterback/center relationship. Those are the two guys who need to know the most about the offense. They’re so interconnected in their job responsibilities that they really need to have every aspect covered. That’s probably why Andrew Luck’s locker and mine are close to each other—to build a relationship outside of football. On the field, there can’t be any hesitation.

What’s the last book you read?  
Killing Lincoln, by Bill O’Reilly. I’m a reader, but not a huge one. Although I have been hearing all about the Andrew Luck Book Club, so I’ll have to check that out.