Score a Sneak Peek at Turbo

A first look at the Indy 500 movie is now streaming on Netflix.

Turbo, a DreamWorks movie about a peppy snail competing in the Indianapolis 500, hits theaters Wednesday. If you’re in a hurry to see how the Indianapolis Motor Speedway looks in the hands of the world’s best animation team, race on over to Netflix and stream a short preview. Last weekend, while cueing up my favorite scenes from Footloose high-brow foreign cinema, I stumbled upon Dreamworks Presents Turbo: Behind the Shell, a nine-minute clip that introduces the main characters and sets up the story (tagline: “shell on wheels”) while IndyCar legends talk about the 500’s aura. The featurette opens with live shots of a crowd in the Speedway’s stands—maybe you’ll spot yourself or someone you know.

For more behind-the-scenes action, check out our interview with Turbo actor Michael Pena at the movie’s preview during the 500 Festival:

Netflix will also run an animated series based on Turbo, its first exclusive show for kids. It’s scheduled to debut in December.


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