Tweets of the Game: MNF Edition

The Colts’ horrid start, a weird chapter of Bannergate, and a near-comeback had Twitter abuzz.
The Colts made history last night against the Carolina Panthers by becoming the first team with two turnovers in the first three minutes of the game since … the Colts of last season. The game eventually turned around as Andrew Luck led another fourth-quarter comeback attempt. A Luck interception—there were seven total turnovers in the driving rain—ended the campaign 29–26 in favor of the Panthers. Even with a 3–5 record, the Colts still sit atop the AFC S̶o̶u̶t̶h̶  Sloth with the Texans.

Check out last night’s hot takes, witty words, and the best banter on Twitter.

Our Charlotte friends touched up our 2012 Andrew Luck cover for us. Well done.

The Colts offense making history for all the wrong things.

Pat McAfee for mayor?

This happened. #Bannergate lives on.

Grigson v. Pagano isn’t getting any better.

Again, with the history.