Video: Paul George Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Pacers’ No. 24 player tells the host that his recently ballyhooed 360-degree dunk might have garnered more acclaim had he missed it.

Paul George of the Indiana Pacers swaggered onto the stage of The Jimmy Kimmel Show Monday night. Actually, “swaggered” might be an understatement: His ensemble featured a gray suit jacket with leather sleeves with a gold chain, and he even added a touch of Pacers flare with a pair of gold kicks and a matching pocket square.

Of course, PG is best known as an All-Star and the guy behind a certain made-for-YouTube dunk. But the small forward has another trick up his sleeve—his fashion sense. In recent years, he has been showing up for games and press conferences in clothing that most would call adventurous. Kimmel’s comment on PG’s bold outfit: “Where do you even get something like that, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx?” George’s rejoinder: “I got a buddy that takes care of me.”

His buddy? Regi Puckett, owner of Phenom247. The Chicago-based clothier caters to the fashion needs of professional athletes who want to sport a unique look. Kobe Bryant, Derek Rose, and even recording artist Pharrell Willams (Sunday’s buzzworthy star at the Grammys) are all clients. Shortly after the Kimmel episode aired, @Phenom247 posted an Instagram photo of George sporting his quasi-outrageous threads.

George and Kimmel’s eight-minute chat covered topics including nicknames, changing his jersey number, Larry Bird, the hapless Los Angeles Lakers, and more. The late-night appearance loudly announced to the nation what Pacer fans have known for some time: Whether you’re a basketball fan or a fashion junkie, it’s hard to turn away from the PG show.