Viewpoint: What's all this ballyhoo about Indy's "Super Bowl Shuffle"?

Yes, a certain video was much maligned by YouTube users and faceless online commenters, and sent up by the likes of Bleacher Report and Deadspin, two national practitioners of snark.

Much ado about nothing, says here.

A high-quality video out now **haven’t watched entire thing** []

There was this:

Is Indianapolis’ “status” as a city so fragile that it can’t withstand something like this video? If that’s the case it’s pretty sad, and any YouTube video really isn’t capable of causing any more harm. People crying out against it so vehemently casts just as much (if not more) negativity into our “city image”.

Im unliking this page. I thought that the video wasnt any good and was cheesy, but you all are taking this way too far. Good luck!

Said local “public relations expert” Jennifer Wagner: “Let’s give @visitIndy credit for pulling the #SuperBowl Shuffle in far less time than it took the Indy 500 to replace Donald Trump.”

But I’m not sure that they even needed to do that.

Consider this: It could have been worse. Far worse. That’s to say that it could have been Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman’s daughters parodying Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” and dissing their daddy’s rivals at the same time.

Now that is some sad comedy.


Photo by Mike Botkin