Super Foods: A Bowl-Time Primer

Black Market

When the Super Bowl Host Committee tweeted a call for restaurant recommendations to give visiting Super Bowl fans a proper taste of their host city, we immediately thought of The Libertine‘s neoclassic cocktails, Sensu’s sexy sushi, and (duh) St. Elmo’s shrimp cocktail. Harry & Izzy’s came to mind–especially those new bone-in mini chops on the starter menu, as well as The Eagle’s Nest, which debuts a new look this week. And how could we forget the housemade pickles and peanut butter (and everything that comes out after them) at Black Market? Yum.

We have swooned ourselves silly over the jambalaya at Papa Roux and the thick pizzas at Napolese. We have made no secret of our crush on the prix fixe creations at Recess. We could write a tone poem on the carnivorous wonders of Smoking Goose (and actually have). And have you heard that we have food trucks now?

But, dear Painted-face One–for the love of all things deep-fried, do treat yourself to that Hoosier delicacy, the breaded tenderloin, while you’re here.

What did we miss?


Photos (left to right):

Chicken-liver pate at The Libertine; a sophisticated concoction, also at The Libertine;
St. Elmo’s 1933 Lounge; dining at Black Market; Papa Roux at the City Market