Dead Horse Beats Dead Horse

We have eyes, we have brains, and we sure as hell know what we saw last night: a bad football game, between two (likely) bad football teams, who played badly in a contest where someone had to “win."

The Colts Are Who We Thought They Were—Probably

The Colts leave fans lost in the apple sauce after 24-17 loss to the Titans.

Is The Indianapolis 8 Hour Race Here For The Long Haul?

This month marks the return of the Indianapolis 8 Hour, an endurance race, and the latest test of the Speedway’s year-round durability. But can it last?

After Improbable Colts Win, The Bleach Stays On Ice

The Karens of the Colts Extended Universe would like to have a word with the manager.

Colts Momentarily Flail Before Dying In Jacksonville

This season is going sideways in a hurry. Where's Jim Irsay?

OMG The Colts Tied The Freaking Texans

The good news is that the Colts still control their AFC South destiny.
The Colts manager Chris Ballard and coach Frank Reich

Nice Guys Finally Finish First?

Indianapolis Colts fans, including owner Jim Irsay, want to believe the Colts have the right brain trust in place. But entering their fifth season together, it’s time for tangible results from Chris Ballard and Frank Reich.
Butler ESports Park coach

Butler Esports Park Powers Up

A huge new esports facility opens at Butler University. But the Bulldogs aren’t the only players in a statewide race to dominate video game competitions.
Bicyclists racing in The Mass Ave Crit

What Is A Crit, Anyway?

This month’s cycling festival Momentum Indy is now part of the American Criterium Cup, a new nationwide crit series. Exciting! Assuming you know what a crit is.
Colts QB Matt Ryan about to throw a football

Q&A With Colts QB Matt Ryan

The former NFL MVP and new Colts quarterback opens up about his friendship with Peyton Manning, his social justice activism, and any hidden smudges on that pristine resume.