Four Caviar Pop Stars

caviar on potato strings
Bar One Fourteen’s roe dish

Julienned Potato 

Tender potato slivers cooked in A5 Wagyu fat, miso-cured lox, and chive beurre blanc are topped with smoked steelhead trout roe in this decadent mashup of Jewish deli and Japanese izakaya traditions at Bar One Fourteen. 114 E. 49th St.,

Caviar Pie

A tart pan packed with chopped egg, onion, and a thick layer of cream cheese is topped with concentric crimson circles of arctic char, steelhead trout, and American paddlefish roe, with a prized bull’s-eye of black sturgeon caviar at Late Harvest Kitchen, which sells the vibrant appetizer by the slice. 8605 River Crossing Blvd., 317-663-8063,

Bougie Benedict

As if a house croissant topped with Smoking Goose jowl bacon, roasted red pepper pesto, hollandaise, and delicate poached eggs wasn’t extravagant enough, Gallery Pastry Bar tops its brunchtime stunner with bumps of caviar. 110 S. Pennsylvania St., 317-820-5526,

Deviled Eggs

Among the top-selling starters at Ocean Prime, half a dozen egg whites are piped with high beehives of creamy yolk and then topped with truffle oil and shaved truffle. A sprinkle of caviar adds a briny pop to the earthy flavors. 8555 N. River Rd., 317-569-0975,