Dishes of the Year: Indiana Roasted Sweet Corn Popsicle at Nicey Treat


By Kristin Hess, Communications and Program Officer at Indiana Humanities; co-author and photographer for Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest
Maybe it was that moment, on a gorgeous late-summer evening, just as the lanterns began to illuminate the neighborhood sky at the Feast of Lanterns on the near Eastside, when I tasted it. Or maybe there is just something so quintessentially “Indiana” about sweet corn in August. Whatever the case, my most memorable dish of the year has to be the sweet corn popsicle from Nicey Treat (317-602-6423,, one of Indy’s great food-truck concepts. The locally grown corn is roasted perfectly, creating a lush texture when blended and frozen with the creamy base. It’s less sweet than your typical dessert, balanced beautifully with a good hit of salt. The best part about a frozen dessert on a stick is the way it accents summertime wherever you savor it.

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