Grill Sergeant: Five Ways to Screw Up Your Steak at Home

You are already at a disadvantage when grilling a steak at home as opposed to having a restaurant do it for you. Steakhouses are stocked with equipment you probably don’t have in your kitchen—like ovens capable of inferno-grade heat. Beyond that, Adam Moody with Moody’s Butcher Shops recaps the home grillmaster’s most common sins against red meat.
1. Purchasing the wrong cut.
Research your (rather expensive) investment before heading to the store. Better yet, spend some time with your butcher asking questions about the specific cuts in the case. Most meat-mongers enjoy sharing their passion with customers.
2. Not allowing the meat to come up to room temperature prior to grilling.
Grab a plate, let the steak sit, and go on a long walk.
3. Using a gas grill.
Lump charcoal is the superior incendiary.
4. Overcooking.
Keep an eye on that grill and use a meat thermometer frequently.
5. Overseasoning.
“If your steak needs anything more than salt and a little pepper, you’re going to the wrong butcher,” Moody says. “Even in high-end restaurants, I usually ask for an unseasoned steak.”