Last Chance for Brunch at Tlaolli

Healthy, hip Mexican joint dishes out its last egg tortas this Sunday.
Near-eastside darling Tlaolli (2830 E. Washington St., 317-410-9507) has been packing its patio on Sundays with a lineup of fresh breakfast tortas and tacos, but the brunch menu goes on hiatus in a week because the carryout restaurant’s seating is outdoors. (Technically, you could sit at the three counter stools in the cramped vestibule, but you’d be blocking the coffeepot.) The owners plan to bring back brunch in the spring, but you’ll want the memory of the green eggs–and–goat cheese sandwich to warm you through winter. One of three tortas served on a crusty baguette, this fork-and-knifer combines a smear of tangy cheese, an egg ordered your way, avocado, and spicy green tomatillo salsa. Go with a side of hash—tender, diced potatoes with a few chunks of poblano peppers for heat. Light, non-greasy breakfast tacos like the soy chorizo—housemade vegan meat and potatoes blended into an egg and drizzled with crema—have made the place a hit with the Pogue’s Run set. The tamales pack a lot of flavor, but they’re available year-round here and at Pogue’s Run, so save them for another day. And if the weather this weekend doesn’t cooperate for sitting outside, just say “para llevar” (pah-ruh yay-bar). That’s Spanish for “to go.”