Swoon List 1.14.14

5 Things We Adore Right Now


  1. A bright crimson bowl of bacon-and-beet soup at R Bistro (888 Massachusetts Ave., 317-423-0312), its ingredients chunked and tender—the flavors a heady combination of smoky, sweet, and sour. A pair of rye biscuits floats on top.
  2. A noble, double-drumsticked rotisserie duck at Palomino Restaurant and Bar (49 W. Maryland St., 317-974-0400).
  3. A dense, fudgy brownie topped with Graham Central Station ice cream (itself shot through with graham cracker crumbs and chocolate flakes)—and then drizzled with warm chocolate and caramel sauces. It’s not on the menu, but your server at The Legend (5614 E. Washington St., 317-536-2028) in Irvington will hook you up.
  4. Crispy, grandma-style fried chicken—light, juicy, and flavored to the bone at 10-01 Food & Drink (1001 Broad Ripple Ave., 317-253-1001).
  5. Tinis (717 Massachusetts Ave., 317-384-1313) gingery, bourbon-based Kentucky Mule, served in the classic metal chugging mug.