Broad Ripple Chip Co. Takes on the Spud

No ordinary bag of chips, Mark McSweeney’s crispy potato wisps give junk food a good name.

Crunch down on the deliciously imperfect off-color crisps that emerge from the waxed brown Broad Ripple Chip Co. bag, and you will never go back to Lay’s. Shaved lacy thin and lightly salted—with just a hint of garlic—the locally made small-batch snacks began life as Russet Burbank potatoes (not as pretty as the lily-white commercial variety, but much more flavorful) that are sliced, seasoned, and packaged by hand. The company is owned by Mark McSweeney, who has also been in charge of Great Harvest Bread Company since 1989. Available at select markets, including Moody Meats, Joe’s Butcher Shop, Kincaid’s Meat Market, and Pogue’s Run Grocer. Around $3.50 per bag.