How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making superior coffee isn’t convenient—extracting the purest flavor involves ratios and chemistry and special equipment. So Stephen Hall of Tinker Coffee Co. did the hard math for you and provided this step-by-step guide to scientific coffee dominance.

This article is part of Indianapolis Monthly’s February 2016 Cool Beans coffee package. For more coffee coverage, click here

Get the Gear

AeroPress coffeemaker
Digital scale
Coffee grinder
Variable-temperature gooseneck kettle
Bag of local beans, light to medium roast

 Step by Step Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup

(1) Set water to heat to 195 degrees in the kettle. Weigh out 22 grams of coffee beans. 

(2) Grind the beans to a fine texture, like table salt.


(3) Set a glass or mug on the scale and place the AeroPress’s six-sided base on top. Wet the filter to rid it of any paper taste.


(4) Fill the AeroPress chamber with coffee grinds. Reset the scale to zero.


(5) Pour 50 grams of 195-degree water into the AeroPress. Let it sit for 30 seconds while the coffee “blooms,” or releases its CO2. Add another 100 grams of water and stir for 30 seconds, promoting extraction. Pour in another 120 grams of water, so the scale reads 270.


(6) Attach the AeroPress’s plunger. Press firmly and steadily (with about 20 pounds of pressure, if you know what that feels like). It should take about 30 seconds to press all of the coffee through the filter.


(7) Cool for a few minutes before drinking to let the flavors open up.



I Want My K-Cups!

KCUPSIf you like the idea of drinking locally roasted coffee but aren’t about to apologize for your Keurig machine, Lafayette’s Copper Moon single-serve packs are the answer. The roaster—which also has kiosks at the airport, hospitals, and other spots—sells four flavors of K-cups at Marsh and Kroger.