Find Your New Favorite Indiana Beer

Got one? Here’s a guide to what’s next for you.

If you like Wee Mac by Sun King, try … Floyd’s Folly by Cutters.
Both malty Scottish ales have caramel and chocolate flavors, but the Cutters brew isn’t quite as sweet.
If you like Lacto-Matic Milk Stout by Flat12, try … Dorian Stout by Scarlet Lane.
With wisps of toasted coconut in both aroma and flavor, Dorian tastes surprisingly light for a stout. It’s actually better than Flat12’s popular version.
If you like Superfly IPA by Oaken Barrel, try … Saucy Intruder by Black Acre.
The latter is a rye IPA rather than a standard IPA, and it’s a bit thicker than Oaken Barrel’s best-in-market version. But both balance the hops extremely well.
If you like the Wheat Ale by Upland, try … Hefeweizen by Twenty Below.
Unfiltered wheats like the Hefe may look cloudy, but this one is a clear winner among the new batch of yeasty varieties.
If you like Sunlight Cream Ale by Sun King, try … Blau Machen Pilsner by Outliers.
Both are great lawn-mowing beers on a sunny day, and you won’t sweat the slightly hoppy flavor in the Outliers version.
If you like Tripel de Ripple by Brugge, try … Exemption by Taxman.
Brugge’s version is known for its white-fruit and white-wine flavors, while Taxman’s Tripel carries sweeter notes like citrus fruit. Both outstanding.