Foodie: Craig Baker of Ghost Mobile Kitchen

Photo by Tony Valainis

WHAT has chef Craig Baker been up to lately? Maybe we should rephrase the question: What hasn’t chef Craig Baker been up to lately? While the Portland, Oregon, transplant and veteran of Indy’s food scene pioneered family-friendly, farm-to-table dining here more than a decade ago with The Local Eatery & Pub, these days he mainly works behind the scenes. Baker does brand ambassador work for companies around the country and runs a restaurant consulting business that connects his name to some of Indy’s most ambitious projects, including the launch of The Amp in 2021. As a competition chef, he has thrown down in cooking matchups such as the World Burger Championship, and he recently helped revive the Chefs Night Off pop-up dinner series that combines the talents of local chefs into themed five-course events. Further proof that he isn’t slowing down, Baker plans to roll out a food truck this fall with fellow chef Justin Miller (formerly of Anthony’s Chophouse). The concept, dubbed Ghost Mobile Kitchen, will call a converted 1978 Bluebird work truck home as it makes its way to local events and festivals. “The idea is to let other people use it,” says Baker, who describes the overall theme as “cheffed-up street food.” Rather than focus on one menu, the food will vary. One day, the truck may offer Korean barbecue. The next day, tenderloins and french fries. Baker points out that chefs can also use the truck as a vehicle for testing out menu and restaurant ideas—and hints that he might be among the chefs using Ghost Mobile Kitchen to workshop an idea. “I tell people I have one more restaurant in me,” he says.