Swoon List: Apocalypse Burger, Mori Sushi, And More

The mushroom sandwich at Apocalypse Burger

Rachel Enneking

The hefty fried Lion’s Mane mushroom sandwich at Apocalypse Burger (115 E. 49th St., 317-426-5001), featuring an extra-crunchy fungus dressed with aioli-drenched shredded cabbage and bread-and-butter pickles slivered longways

A trio of shatteringly crisp veggie egg rolls from Mathoo’s Egg Rolls, which come clamshelled with a sweet dipping sauce, an essential condiment

Chicago-style deep-dish layered with mozzarella, Italian beef, giardiniera, and black olives, and covered in a generous helping of sauce, parm, and oregano at South of Chicago (2550 S. State Rd. 135, Greenwood, 317-534-0424)
The fresh, hot chicken teriyaki lunch bento box from Mori Sushi (231 S. College Ave., 317-964-0139) that comes with pork gyoza, California rolls, seaweed salad, rice, and a soup or salad
A couple of  jumbo Belushi’s (aka big ol’ chili-cheese dogs with plenty of chopped onion) from Chicago Beef & Dog Company (5402 E. Washington St., 317-359-2333)