The Feed: Che Chori, Misfit, and More

Courtesy Marcos Perera

While there has been plenty of restaurant closure sadness to go around, you’ll have multiple opportunities to embrace the joy of new beginnings this week. Che Chori (3124 W. 16th St.,  317-737-2012) is the westside’s newest dining addition, serving up traditional Argentine food, as well as American classics with a gaucho twist, like the choripan—a butterflied link of Argentine chorizo with chimichurri, tomato and lettuce on a baguette—as well as burgers, hot dogs, and Argentine pizza. With a soft opening under their belts last week, they’re ready to serve you a fun and unique cross section of familiar and new flavors.

Misfit, a pop-up concept from chefs Adam Ditter and Jordan Wiley, has made a few stops around town already, and they’re popping up next alongside a drag show. Their signature dish is a classic burger (sometimes topped with smoked pork) or a grilled cheese with traditional Chinese scallion pancakes as the bun. You can try it next at the Sunday Funday Drag Brunch at Almost Famous (721 Massachusetts Ave.) on December 20. Tickets are sold by the table with the menus available via QR codes on the tables as organizers do their best to keep this new venue open while keeping patrons safe.

Lots of local eateries are rolling out their mint- and chocolate-flavored holiday specials, starting with the mint twist on Nicey Treat’s (916 E. Westfield Blvd., 317-602-6423) frozen hot chocolate flavor. It’s available as both a popsicle and a pie, perhaps as part of a gift that includes the adorable Nicey gift card that comes on a stick just like the signature treats.

Baby’s (2147 N. Talbott St., 317-931-1343) has also rolled out their newest milkshake flavor, bringing white chocolate mint to the near-northside people. As always, Baby’s gives you the option of bumping it up one party notch with the addition of a shot of your choice.

If you want a booze gift more fun than a plain old bottle of wine, consider picking up a bottle of Alchemy Spirit House’s (640 S. Main St., Zionsville, 317-600-1858) pretty pink Elderflower Vodka, which gets its hue and flavor from a combination of hibiscus and elderflower. The floral, botanical spirit looks right at home in the Barbie mansion.

Apocalypse Burger (115 E. 49th St., 317-426-5001) is upping the cute gift card ante with cards that resemble the classic American Express design, which has the potential for a lot of hilarious misdirection payoff when the wrapping ripping is done. Not to mention that it’s a great place to get takeout when you’re all cooked and kitchen’ed out.

Landlocked Baking Company (120 S. Audubon Rd.) is offering Christmas cookie boxes, both vegan and dairy for $22 and $20 each respectively. Every box will have 16 cookies inside, with peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip, lemon thyme Mexican wedding cookies, sweet corn, and chocolate sesame cookies in the vegan box; in the dairy box, you’ll get chai spiced snickerdoodles, molasses ginger, brown butter chocolate chip, and pistachio cardamom cookies. You’ll have two pickup days to choose from, December 18th and December 23rd.