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Clack. Slide. Draw. Mahjong!

WHO REMEMBERS the iconic final confrontation in Crazy Rich Asians that made everyone want to learn mahjong? Originating in 19th-century China, mahjong is similar to rummy but uses tiles instead of cards. The term “mahjong” means “sparrow,” a reference to the clacking sound the tiles make—like birds chattering. Whether you’re a devoted player or a curious newbie, the Fishers Mah Jongg Center has you covered. The only place in Indiana dedicated to community mahjong play, its motto is, “Come late, leave early, or play all day.” The advantages extend beyond socializing: One study found that 12 weeks of playing this stimulating game improved executive function in elderly people with mild cognitive impairment. So nourish your mind with a little friendly competition. Fishers Mah Jongg Center, 9006 Technology Ln., Fishers, 317-407-9679