Ditch The Car At CityWay

A woman stands behind a bicycle outside of an urban apartment building.
CityWay is typically 95 percent occupied, so to get your favorite floor plan, you might have to wait-list for three to six months.

Tony Valainis

Las Vegas native Tynia Murphy was familiar with buses, bikes, and everything in between long before she arrived at CityWay, a mixed-use development that has revitalized the once-vacant southeast corner of the Mile Square. That doesn’t stop her from appreciating the conveniences offered by the neighborhood and its location in the heart of Indianapolis.

Buckingham Companies, the CityWay developer, seems to have thought of everything. Residents walk half a block to the shiny new Irsay Family YMCA, Franciscan ExpressCare, a beauty salon, Yolk, Plat 99, and Qdoba, to name a few of the businesses and services. Discounts and perks abound, not the least of which is room service from The Alexander hotel, around which most of CityWay revolves. Residents can also reserve the theater room and watch TV or movies all by themselves. And none of this includes CityWay 2.0, which will start coming to fruition this fall. The new phase will bring a CVS, a Taxman Brewing Company location in a historic carriage house that was delicately relocated during construction, and hundreds of new apartments, taking the total units from 250 to 652.

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229 S. Delaware St., 317-982-6387
Management Buckingham Companies
Size 250 units
Parking $125 and up for a garage spot, private garages available
Walk Score 90
Price 2/2s from $1,600 to $4,800 per month
[/sidenote]After living at CityWay for years, Murphy and her boyfriend started apartment-shopping at other complexes downtown, but nothing had quite the same community feel. They couldn’t bring themselves to walk away from the picturesque swimming pool, balconies, and “the beautiful brick wall that I believe is their signature look in all apartments,” Murphy says.

When the pair decided to switch to a bigger one-bedroom within CityWay, management went above and beyond, Murphy says, to help them snag a coveted layout in short supply. “They guided us through the process and gave us the weekend to move,” she says. They upgraded from 591 square feet to 1,051, enough room for two couches, a ping-pong table, and an extensive speaker system.

Do you hear your neighbors? No. The walls are thick. But we don’t dare turn on our bass system. What is the vibe like? Very respectful. Nobody argues over who gets the grill or the pool. How often do you use a car? Once or twice a month, to go to farmers markets or stock up on groceries. Do you use electric scooters? Yes, to grab something small at Whole Foods, go to the doctor, and run errands.