Ask the Guru: My Little Secret Waxing Boutique Owner

Brittany Wilfong has done more than 12,000 Brazilians. Questions? Let ’er rip.

Waxing hurts. What helps? 
No caffeine—it gets your blood flowing, so you’re going to be more sensitive. Pop a couple of Advil. Also, exfoliating the area beforehand will bring the hair to the surface.
What should women look for in a waxing specialist or salon?
If you see one pot of wax for everything, be leery. I have 20 types. And no double-dipping. There should be plenty of applicators laid out.
How long does a wax take?
My guarantee is you’re done in 15 minutes or it’s free. Give me 10 minutes once a month, and you will have 50 percent less hair the following visit. The second wax is always better than your first. If you consistently stick with it, it’s incredible.
What’s the difference between a bikini, a French bikini, and a Brazilian wax?
Bikini is any hair outside the side of your panty line, a French bikini is off the sides and the top, and a Brazilian is all hair, front to back, including your stomach. In Brazil, the bikinis are like thongs, so the women want everything gone.
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