Best Indy Spas: Nailed It

Hand Maintenance + Paraffin, $35, at 4:59 Barber Lounge

The Premise: For a guy with a dainty job, I have pretty cruddy hands. The damage comes mostly from off-hour pursuits—running in the cold and struggling through pull-ups at the CrossFit box. Fortunately, there’s a place with a fleet of flatscreen TVs that puts the “man” in manicure: 4:59 Barber Lounge.

The Process: The road to recovery began with a five-minute soak to soften dry skin. Then my esthetician went to work shaping up cuticles, whittling back nails, and finishing with a buff to smooth rough edges. After she plucked stray bits of skin, it was time for a 20-minute hand massage that started with a gob of moisturizer and ran from fingertips to wrists. And back again. And again. With the kinks worked out, she dipped my hands into warm paraffin (about 30 seconds for each mitt). “This is locking the moisture into your hands,” she explained. When the wax cooled, she rubbed it off until my hands squeaked like a showroom-new car.

The Vibe: Modern barbershop.

The Result: Baby-smooth hands you won’t be able to stop rubbing together.

Before You Go: Clean your own nails. No one should have to deal with that—even if they’re getting paid.

Wish We’d Known: That the just-waxed feeling lasts for some time. In my case, I could feel it 24 hours later. It’s not a bad thing, but different.

Bonus Tip: You can do the treatment without the paraffin, but the wax is the best part. If you opt to add the paraffin, call ahead for a reservation.

Try This If: You don’t want to go around with hands that look like medium-grit sandpaper.

3407 E. 86th St., 317-257-4599,