My Look: Lindsay Cook’s Beaded Gown

We recently spotted Lindsay Cook, an operations director at a real-estate company, trying on an exquisite Oscar de la Renta original, and wondered what the occasion was.

Why so fancy?
I was trying on dresses for my wedding. I’m getting married in May. It’s my friend’s. She wore it for her wedding.

Will you walk the aisle in it?
No, it’s too gold. I might wear it for my rehearsal dinner.

How does the dress make you feel?
I immediately felt beautiful, even with my hair in a ponytail. I felt like my posture was better. It’s surprisingly lightweight for having so much intricate detail.

Any great details we can’t see?
All of the undergarments you need are sewn in, which is a plus.

Where is the wedding?
The Indianapolis Art Center. My fiance and I often walk the Monon. One day we walked through the Art Center when they were setting up for a wedding. It seemed like the perfect place.

Who can alter a gown like this?
I’m using Angelica at Nora Plaza Alterations.

What’s your favorite shop?
Nordstrom Rack, for accessories and outstanding customer service. I have an odd size, 8.5, and I find the perfect shoes there.