My Look: Vladimir Dzeletovic's Silk Ascot

Vladimir Dzeletovic has a finely tuned appreciation for the beautiful things in life, a skill that makes the director of watches for Reis-Nichols Jewelers a must-follow on Instagram (@vdzeletovic). Pardon us while we try “#vlading” on for size.
You’re a dapper gentleman.
You’re too kind. This ascot is Hermes. I always like neckwear, even with a T-shirt. You can never be overdressed.
How much should a good watch cost?
If you’re talking about an heirloom a man can hand to his son or son-in-law, it would be a Rolex, and it would start at around $6,000 or $7,000 in stainless steel.
Favorite part of your wardrobe?
I collect jeans. I’m wearing J. Crew selvedge denim here. The best jeans are made by the Japanese. They’re pretty heavy-duty, and you have to break them in properly.
What’s the crown jewel of your closet?
The last pair of shoes I acquired. They’re Saint Crispins double-monk boots. Clothing-wise, my cashmere Kiton jacket.
Any style advice for guys?
You can have a gorgeous suit, but if it doesn’t fit, it’ll look like crap. That’s half the battle. The other half is to have proper shoes.
Define “Vlading.”
I used to pose next to a trash can every day and point to it. Now people internationally have started to pose this way and use the term. It’s become a phenomenon.