Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Paul George's Leather Sweats

PG rocks a pair in the new issue of GQ. But the look isn’t for everyone.

Paul George got the full-page star treatment in the March issue of GQ, featuring NBA royalty as fashion models. The stylists put him in a pair of leather sweatpants popular with all the one-namers (Kanye, Usher, LeBron, Beyoncé). This pair by En Noir is sold at Barney’s. You won’t see them around town, but before you do something foolish like order a pair online, here are a few reasons to unhand your keyboard first (other than the obvious: You do not have PG’s body).

1. They cost $1,700.

2. You aren’t a wrestler trying to sweat enough to cut weight before your next match.

3. If they make a model’s butt look this bad (»), imagine what they’ll do to yours.

Instead, stick to a pair of waxed-denim jeans (try Deus Ex Machina from SoBro boutique City Moto) with your cut-off Pacers T-shirt and tatted-up arms.