Six Bates-Hendricks Businesses That Deserve A Visit


Add “esplanade” to your vocabulary, as in “a garden-like median forms an esplanade running the length of New Jersey Street.” It passes in front of the Bates-Hendricks House, built in the mid-1800s and still one of Indy’s oldest residences. James O. Woodruff, who designed Woodruff Place, also designed this stretch. 1526 S. New Jersey St., 


The tacos at Tex-Mex are a gift to humanity. Sure, the portions are small. And, yeah, the place is inside a grocery store attached to a gas station. But the food is unpretentious, delicious, and cheap—we’re talking two clams per taco. Pay on the grocery side first, then take your order to the counter. It’s carryout only, which isn’t a knock these days. 1104 S. East St., 317-916-0979


Find furniture, flowerpots, pillows, kitchenware, candles, and more at Two Chicks District Co., the Pottery Barn of the southeast side. Good Bones stars Mina Starsiak Hawk and Karen E Laine (along with two relatives who are more hands-on here) are behind this boutique–bistro, making it the first stop for Good Bones tourism, which is a thing. A pink neon sign encourages customers to “find their vibe,” but you came for a piece of the show’s vibe, captured in home decor and fun gifts. 1531 S. East St., 417-426-3652,


Lincoln Lane Coffee Co. should be your go-to coffeehouse during COVID-19 times. It’s spacious and sunny, and the $1 drip coffee is the cheapest cup of premium coffee in town. It’s brewed from an exclusive Calvin Fletcher roast, and bakery goods are from Scholars Inn Bakehouse, which makes a truly superior chocolate chip cookie. 516 Lincoln St., 317-737-1537, 


1718 Housebar is exactly what it says—a bar inside a compact black 120-year-old residence. (The owners live a couple blocks away.) There’s a heated patio out back, cask-crafted wines, and more than 50 whiskeys at any one time. (Read: Get an old fashioned.) Order curbside pickup from the small-but-mighty menu, which includes sandwiches and soups that deserve the “keep it 100” emoji. 1718 S. East St., 317-744-0004,


Bowhaus Tap is a dive you’ll survive. Owner Wendy Popov regularly welcomes both first-time patrons and motorcycle-riding regulars. The bar was revamped during the pandemic; it still looks worn-in, but you no longer ask yourself, Will I fall through the floor? 1729 S. East St., 317-634-4072