Are You Cool Enough To Live In This Newly Listed House?

YOUR BANK WILL want to see the usual paperwork if you want to buy this custom-designed, four-bedroom house—unless you have $1.15 million in cash handy. But someone should check your closet score, too. 

Built in 2016, the Herron-Morton home is like no other in Indianapolis (and probably well beyond). The historic neighborhood’s traditional vernacular is present in the cantilevered cedar-wrapped outline of a house. It’s capped with copper in a nod to historic monuments downtown.

The main level is one open space. Both the front and back walls feature glass doors that push all the way open. With those walls erased, the front and back porches become extensions of the room. Neighbors are used to gathering there, just so you know.

The interior’s clean, modern style reflects the homeowners’ Southern California sensibility. That’s where the architect and graphic designer met. There’s a graffiti wall and a swing next to the dining room. The upper two levels are very simple, with a bedroom in the front and back on each floor, all with floor-to-ceiling windows. A carriage house in the backyard mimics the main house’s easy, light-filled design.

There will be a lot of eyes on whomever moves in, given the curb appeal and giant windows. Don’t bring any cargo shorts.

Want to Buy It?

Address: 1623 N. New Jersey St.

Price: $1,150,000

Agent: Joe Everhart, Everhart Studio, 317-916-1052