This Modern Farmhouse Reminds Us How To Use A Barn Door

A stylish country cottage near Indy does everything right.
Pet peeve: barn doors without a scratch on them, hung on a wall and not even covering an opening. Obsession: the gray-wash barn door in this Markleville house, which was recently featured in Country Living magazine. The new house is 1,400 square feet, the minimum allowed in Madison County. Owners Angie Wendricks and her husband maximized every centimeter stylistically, mostly by leaving the place alone. It’s a pure-white dream cottage inspired by Scandinavian design and, we imagine, every fabric-softener commercial ever filmed.
Angie is a photo stylist who has mastered the art of the messy bed. Her husband works at Eli Lilly. Their airy modern-farmhouse aesthetic fills Angie’s blog, County Road Living, and her Instagram feed. The mood soothes us into a pleasant haze, but we snapped out of it long enough to ask Angie a few questions about their adorable abode.
Why Markleville?
It’s about 5 miles from Pendleton, where I grew up. We randomly found the plot of land while we were driving around, looking for places to build.
Where did you find the barn door?
That and the tub are from Madison Street Salvage in Franklin.
Why did you go with an all-white house?
I love the clean palette of the white, and it’s a great backdrop for my photos and styling. It also gives me a sense of calm in a crazy world. Most people think of white as harsh and uninviting, but I think the opposite.
Is the house really this uncluttered, or was that just for the magazine’s photo shoot?
Yes, our house is exactly like you see in the photos. We don’t own a lot of possessions, and I love it that way. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and it makes you focus on more important things. We really don’t need as much as we think we do. I love to have beautiful things that also serve a purpose.
How to you strike the balance between uncluttered and plain?
To add warmth, instead of color I use textures and natural elements.
Are you ever tempted to add artwork or pops of color?
I have a few pictures in the house, but chose to lean them against the walls instead of hanging them. I move things around too much to have a permanent nail hole.
To see the Wendricks’ creative built-in dog bed and other features of the house, browse Country Living‘s photo gallery.