Open Door: A Euro-Inspired Courtyard in Carmel

Jetsetter Kyle Brown captures her favorite European destinations on this dreamy Carmel patio.

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Brown found a weeping-evergreen tree that’s similar to one she saw in Germany. It gives off a romantic vibe, she says.


Brown’s favorite restaurants in Italy have these open roofs. “It would just create an ambience,” she says. “The vining would wrap around you.”


She had this planted after seeing all of the magnolia trees in Louisiana, where one of her daughters lives.


Over the years, Brown’s eight children have enjoyed gathering around the fire to roast marshmallows for s’mores.


From Pottery Barn. Brown went with yellow and blue hues, a popular color combination she saw in France.


The slabs of stone are surrounded by water, giving the walkway a floating appearance. It’s one of Brown’s favorite features—most of the time. “When I’m watering the flowers, I’ve accidentally stepped in,” she says with a laugh. “And I’ve dropped my phone.”


From O’Malia’s Fireplace & Outdoor Living in Carmel.

Flower Pots

Fishers company The Windowbox Gardener arranges new pots for every season.

Waterfall Chimes

Brown was inspired by the look of a church organ when she designed these hanging iron chimes. “Whenever I have a lousy day, I come out here… and it feels like the world kind of goes away,” she says.