How Carmel Gained Celeb-Favorite Physique 57

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Photo by Tony Valainis

A woman sitting on the ground with women balance on a rail behind.
Physique 57 Studio owner Leslie Lupton.

INDIANA NATIVE Leslie Lupton had the ultimate New York City experience of working out alongside Kelly Ripa. Lupton recalls the starstruck stares and passing remarks of adoration—but she especially remembers the independence the TV host enjoyed at the studio. “She was just like any other client,” Lupton says. “People were there for their own wellness.”

Physique 57 allowed the famous and the normal fitness junkies alike to have just one empowering hour to themselves before they reentered their noisy world. When Lupton left New York for Carmel in 2019, she wanted to bring that feeling with her, so she opened the only Physique 57 franchise currently outside of Manhattan.

Named for its 57-minute classes and locational origins on 57th Street in New York, Physique 57 is a swanky barre fitness studio that pioneered this type of workout. Lupton describes Physique 57’s approach as core-focused, though it also strengthens the arms, legs, and glutes. “We are well known for our interval overload,” Lupton says, meaning “moving your muscles until the moment of fatigue, then moving on to another part of the muscle.” recently named Physique 57’s on-demand virtual classes the best overall barre workout online.

Lupton emphasizes that barre is physically immersive thanks to the dancey choreography. “We don’t believe in ‘no pain, no gain,’” she says. “The hour should fly by. You should leave feeling energized.”

If it helps Ripa (and Sarah Jessica Parker, another Physique 57 fan) take on New York, imagine what it will do for conquering Carmel. 

Physique 57


350 Monon Blvd., Carmel, 317-527-5757


$125 for five classes, $10 drop-in classes based on availability