My Look: Katie Clements

Vice president and creative director of CVR advertising agency dishes out her key fashion advice.
Photography by Tony Valainis

Do you have any fashion icons?  
I admire people who are brave [enough] to be themselves. Iris Apfel is someone I admire. She is authentically herself. I also admire Kelly Wearstler. She combines her fashion with interior design.

Do you have any go-to shops in Indy for your fashion choices?
I always check out The Toggery, Zodiac Vintage, and Mission 27. I’m a big advocate for sustainable fashion.

How do you decide what to wear each morning?
I decide what to wear by how I’m feeling and who I’m seeing each day. I like to wear client brand colors and anything that will inspire my coworkers with joy.

Do you have a favorite piece/ensemble in your closet?
My go-to is layering and putting unique color combinations together. If it seems off, I’m going to try it.

How do you choose your accessories?
I base my accessories on shoe selection and metals matching. I build off of that and start highlighting my outfit from those pieces.

Are there any no-nos for you regarding fashion?
I try a lot of ideas. Sometimes I try something that’s too trendy for me. There are times I come home, and I tell myself to never wear that again. I love challenging my creativity. I think not trying something is failure.

Is your topknot bun your signature look?
To many people’s surprise, I’m not your average white girl. I’m Japanese and white, so my topknot is a signature to my culture. I like to celebrate my heritage.

You’re a creative director. How would you say your creative choices in fashion and work overlap each other?
I approach both the same—creativity first: How does this make me feel? How can I visualize this problem? How can I lift the mood? I’m a visual artist, so I present myself visually first, both to my clients and coworkers.

Do you have any advice for young businesswomen?
Effort. Every style isn’t for everyone. Be intentional [in] how you present yourself. Dress for the position you want to be in. People remember the effort you put in whatever the occasion.

What is your proudest achievement?
My proudest achievement is coming out of school and not finding a design job right away. I found a retail position and met creative people in advertising and made lasting relationships. Looking back as a VP and creative director, I’ve never compromised who I am. Being yourself and standing on your values pays off in the end.