Hot List 6.13.14: Father's Day Gift Guide

Stuff you can still get for Dad this weekend.

1. Conversation-starter Psycho Bunny polos come in summery colors of finely crafted pima cotton. $85. Raleigh Limited, The Fashion Mall, 317-844-1148,

2. For the dad with a sense of humor, a healthy competitive streak, and a nice yard, Balls on the Lawn: Games to Live By chronicles the rules of classic and obscure contests to play on home turf. $12.95. At Home in the City, 434 Massachusetts Ave., 317-955-9925,

3. Here’s to you, Dad: a fifth of Crystal Skull vodka, Dan Aykroyd’s label. $49.95. 21st Amendment liquors,

4. A $500 gift card will cover the purchase of a Marin “San Rafael” bike. Out of California, the model features adjustable suspension in front, wide grips for more palm support, and a lightweight aluminum frame. $429 on sale. Matthews Bicycles, 7272 Pendleton Pike, 317-547-3456,

5. He’ll love the ingenuity behind AmyD’s beer-pocket aprons—and will probably be disappointed he didn’t think of the idea himself. Gift it with a shark bottle opener. Apron, $38. Homespun: Modern Handmade, 869 Massachusetts Ave., 317-351-0280, Bottle opener, $8.99. Chatham Home, 517 E. Walnut St., 317-917-8550,

6. Like father, like son—matching his-and-his bowties by Indy crafter American Armadillo. $45 adult, $18 youth. Boomerang BTQ, 845 Massachusetts Ave., 317-966-7373,