Indy Is Getting In-Your-Garage Package Delivery

You’ve already let Alexa into your home—now let Amazon into your garage with its latest delivery method.
Porch pirates will have to find another city to prey on. Indianapolis is one of just 37 cities where Amazon will roll out its new in-garage package delivery in the next few months. With this new technology, worries about stolen deliveries or weather damage are a thing of the past. Storms may rage outside, and thieves might prowl, but packages will be safe and sound, tucked inside your garage.

Here’s how it works: You buy a myQ technology garage-door opener, then download the app Key for Garage, which can remotely work the door. The app will notify you of the progress of your package on delivery day, from when it’s en route all the way until the garage door closes with your goods inside. Customers will also have the option to use a Cloud Cam—Amazon’s Alexa-enabled security camera—to watch their delivery happen from the convenience of their phone. Beyond just boxes, myQ lets you monitor and control your garage from anywhere, and sends notifications through the Key for Garage app whenever it’s used. Sorry, teens—sneaking out just got a whole lot harder.

If you don’t already have a myQ garage-door opener, there are two different Key for Garage kits available to help you get started: one that adds connectivity to the garage door opener you already have, and one that includes a brand-new myQ-connected Chamberlain or LiftMaster Wi-Fi garage door opener. These kits, which will be available at the time of rollout, can be found at and The myQ Smart Garage Hub retails at around $80, while prices for new Chamberlain or Liftmaster openers vary based on style.

The service, which will be available to Amazon Prime members, is set to begin sometime in late spring or early summer. Who knows? In-garage delivery might just revolutionize the way we shop online. Or maybe it will just be an excuse to order more packages.