Road Trip With Eight Comforts Of Home

Toiletries, cassette tapes, a blanket-tote, magazines, shoes, SPF, a chair, and foldable puzzles

ROAD TRIPS are synonymous with summer adventure fueled by nostalgia for endless highways and winding roads, a yearning for open windows, and your favorite cassette music permeating the air. But road tripping isn’t entirely about making it from A to B; it’s truly about the voyage—which requires a little prep, of course. To help make your next journey more comfortable, we put together this handy list of eight essentials from home to toss in the car before you get behind the wheel. 

Beach blanket in a bag.

pack your road trip essentials in this red blanket tote

$99. 8 Fifteen, 815 E. 65th St.,

Glossy magazines.

$16–$30 each. Dear Mom, 2121 E. 10th St.

Gemin Standard Radio mixtapes.

$7 each. Dear Mom

Stacy Adams slip-ons.

$85. Heritage Clothier and Home, 1134 E. 54th St.,

Bitchstix organic sunscreen.

$21. Homespun: Modern Handmade, 869 Massachusetts Ave.,

Ambre Blends Invoke Essence toiletry travel set.

$174. 8 Fifteen

Pendleton roll-up games.

$35 each. Silver in the City, 434 Massachusetts Ave.,

Helinox foldable festival chair.

$130. Rusted Moon Outfitters, 6410 Cornell Ave.,