Shoptalk: House Seven Design Shoppe

Meridian-Kessler seems to have it all—and with the opening of a dreamy home store, it does.

Tony Valainis

Midtown’s new adult on the block hopes to elevate Indy’s home decor scene and spark inspiration in the community, one vintage clay pot at a time. House Seven Design Shoppe might sound familiar if you follow the stylings of home blogger Anissa Zajac on Instagram or saw her family’s trendy black house in the pages of this magazine. As the House Seven Design brand took off with styling sessions, remodels, and bookshelf builds (Zajac’s partner is her carpenter husband, Brian), the duo opened the doors to their showroom at 49th & Penn and focused on filling it with something for everyone. Just like the Zajac home (their seventh as a couple, get it?), the design shop starts with a blank canvas of white walls and layers on earthy materials—linen, wood, stone, and other modern-comfy suspects. It’s stocked with beautiful basics that are anything but bland, like one-of-a-kind vintage throw pillows ($150 and up), coffee table books ($40), and wood paddle cutting boards ($42). Luxaholics will be drawn to the “comfortably refined” furniture, like a leather-upholstered accent chair ($1,200). Now you’ll be hoping for a long wait at Cafe Patachou next door.

House Seven Design Shoppe

111 E. 49th Street

Don’t Miss: The hand-loomed Indian throws. When the owners found a vendor who carried them, they snatched up all of the stock.

(1) Vintage throw, $450 (2) Mezzaluna and cutting board, $42 (3) Vintage pillows, $150 and up (4) Vintage clay pot, $225 (5) Sandstone mortar and pestle, $84 (6) Teak chair, $1,200