ShopTalk: Righno Boutique Downtown

Another shop for stylish guys keeps the recent trend going.
Some visitors to downtown men’s store Righno pop by just to pet London, the resident French bulldog, who has a bed behind the counter. But Righno’s edgy goods compete for their attention. Owner Corey Bee started as an online retailer in 2012 and last fall opened his small shop—the newest in a surge of menswear boutiques across the city—as the first tenant in a revived retail strip at 11th Street and College Avenue. (R2GO, a food-market offshoot of R Bistro, has also staked out a spot there.) Like its brethren, Righno sports a minimalist DIY interior. But the goods have a younger, brasher edge. Among the casual wear and sporty-sleek shoes that aren’t the same-old, there’s a T-shirt covered in mugshots, a Unicorn Puke candle, and skivvies made with actual wood fibers. Bee dubbed the place after his spirit animal (“people give up, but rhinos never stop”), tweaking the name to make it easier to pronounce. “Everything in this store is me,” he says. “Except the green paint on the door.”

1103 N. College Ave., 317-796-4704,