Three Reasons You Should Shop Social Media

Here’s why you want to follow your favorite stores.

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Hey, you–the one constantly scrolling through your Instagram feed. You could be snagging great buys while you’re at it. “Social media is powerful,” says Brooke Magdzinski, owner of Dottie Couture. “We post new arrivals at 10 a.m. and sell hundreds within an hour.”

  1. Be the first to know about recent releases–and sales. “Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are where we launch new arrivals, announce promotions, and entertain our shoppers with relatable posts and memes,” says Magdzinski. Meanwhile, Facebook are the top sites Lily & Sparrow Boutique’s customers use to keep up on what’s in store and inquire about size availability.
  2. Snap up hot buys from your phone. See something you love in a store’s Instagram feed? Call up and buy it. this is especially vital for one-of-a-kind pieces at antique stores, or clothing that comes in only one or two of each size, as is the case at many locally owned businesses. “We post something and within minutes someone is calling to put something on hold,” says Erin Welch, owner of 8 Fifteen in Broad Ripple, “We sell a lot from these social media avenues.”
  3. Weigh in on decisions at your go-to boutiques. “On Snapchat, I may post three different dress [for stocking] and say, ‘Screenshot your favorite color,’” says Magdzinski. “The response will help me decide to buy or not to buy, help choose quantity and colors, and also see what our reach is.’”