Unspoken Rules: Yelp’s Totally Bazaar

How to stay in good cheer at the smash holiday market December 10.

• Arrive at the Central Library early and beeline for the artisanal food vendors before their section becomes a Hunger Games outtake.

• Have your Yelp app downloaded to receive a free tote quickly.

• Dress in layers. It gets hot when bodies crush together for gourmet-marshmallow samples.

• Plus, you might want to try on a sweater—boutiques bring racks of clothes.

• Can’t squeeze into the booth with the knitted scarves? There’s another one.

• Office Secret Santas, right this way to the Hoosier beer glasses.

• Buy that night. You may not find these small-batch items again.

• Compliment the work. Much of it is handmade by the person standing in front of you.

• Drinking game! Spot the Indiana homages.

• Whatever your friend cooed over? Sneak back and buy it for the gift swap.

• You can’t go wrong with letterpressed notecards.

• Escape route: the stacks.

• Eat first or afterward. Some food-truck lines wrap around the North Pole.