Street Savvy: East 10th Street

Mayfair Taproom

Tony Valainis

Presenting modern American cuisine with a world influence, Beholder (1844 E. 10th St., 317-419-3471) is an epicure’s dream. This fall, chefs unveil a culinary welcome to newly drafted Pacers center Goga Bitadze from Georgia (the country) by adding one of its national dishes, khinkali, a hand-held dumpling bursting with spiced meat and savory juice.

A small but mighty selection of spirits, artisanal handcrafted sodas, and 22 craft beers, sours, and ciders on tap quench any thirst at all-ages Mayfair Taproom (2032 E. 10th St., 317-419-2393). Treat your friends to a bucket of beer in the native pollinator garden.

With a 1970s living-room vibe, Rabble Coffee (2119 E. 10th St.) capably holds down its neighborhood-hangout status with a delightful crunchiness. In addition to coffee, espresso, and tea, the cafe offers an array of fruits and roots juiced in house. BYO vinyl for the back room.

It’s hard to know where to cast your eyes among the 7,500 square feet containing Tim & Julie’s Another Fine Mess (2901 E. 10th St., 239-293-2148). No space goes unused as a display for its architectural salvage and vintage curiosities.

The American dream meets high kitsch at Indy’s Teeny Statue of Liberty Museum (2907 E. 10th St., 239-293-2148), owned by Tim & Julie of Another Fine Mess. Stop in that store next door and ask for a 50-cent tour. The objects are micro—a condom and a Lady Liberty Chia Pet among them—but the collection, comprising 600 pieces, is not.

Vegan? Your tribe is waiting at 10th Street Diner (3301 E. 10th St., 463-221-1255). Don’t be deceived by the carnivorous-sounding menu—like the migas, layers of fried tortillas in a mushroom reduction, everything here is plant-based and praiseworthy.