The Skinners’ Meridian Hills Listening Room


The Skinners' listening room

Painted by local artist Benny Sanders, this landscape depicts Big Cottonwood Canyon in Utah, near where Annie grew up. “It was basically my backyard,” she says.

The duo, both of whom served on the board of Girls Rock Indy for years, are fans of Klipsch speakers. The  Klipsch R-51PM speakers here have preamps built into them, and are plug-and-play, so they don’t need a receiver.

The couple—who have side gigs as DJs—rely on this turntable at home. It’s the Audio-Technica LP7, which they like for its simplicity, elegance, and sound quality.

This model ship, which matches a photo Andy took of one in Stockholm, represents the pair’s shared love of all things Scandi. They’ve traveled all over Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland.

An original Edison Standard, this antique phonograph was a gift from an old friend in honor of the Skinners buying, remodeling, and reopening Indy CD & Vinyl eight years ago.

Andy’s grandfather purchased this wooden bar in 1964, after he arrived in Indianapolis from New York City following his immigration to America from Argentina. It’s adorned with hand-painted representations of the seasons. 

This 1957 Wurlitzer model 2014 jukebox belonged to Rick Zeigler, the former owner of Indy CD & Vinyl. He passed it on to the Skinners.

 Annie and Andy (who trained as a journalist when he was in the U.S. Army) edit a music-centric newspaper together. The theme of the latest issue is Indy CD & Vinyl’s 20th anniversary in Broad Ripple this month.

Brian Presnell of Indy Urban Hardwood created record stands with the store logo.

This work by Indianapolis artist Aaron Scamihorn is of the main character in “A Clockwork Orange.”