Destination Hotel: Getaway Beaver Creek In Ohio

Inside of a Getaway cabin

Courtesy Getaway

Where: Getaway Beaver Creek (Pittsburgh + Cleveland Outpost), 45529 Middle Beaver Rd, Lisbon, Ohio

Rate: $169 per night

We Recommend: At least two nights, so you have a full day of downtime.

Ironically, the generation first addicted to smartphones, texting, and Instagram is now revolutionizing the “unplugged” culture. Untethering themselves from their WiFi and social media highlight reels, Millennials have managed to make it cool to disconnect.

And Getaway, with its fetching black cabins nestled in the woods, are there to provide an idyllic digital-detox location.

The nine Getaway “outposts” are scattered across the United States with new two-person and four-person cabins—none with wifi or a TV, but all dog-friendly. The closest location to Indianapolis is Beaver Creek in eastern Ohio, a five-and-a-half-hour drive. The last 30 minutes or so, you’ll find yourself on a windy country road, which spits you out onto an even windier gravel road leading back to a plot of land circled by Little Beaver Creek. If you’ve ever been to a campground, it’s similar, except this situation doesn’t involve pitching a tent. Instead, this campground is home to 36 neighboring tiny cabins, seen between the trees.

Everything about Getaway is designed to give guests the experience that comes with camping, without any of the discomforts. A queen bed (fluffy duvet!), a stocked kitchenette (pour-over coffee!), a shower (hot water!), and a toilet (flushing!), not to mention electricity and running water, erase all notions that you’re roughing it. The large picture window framing the bed and the calming view of a winding river and towering trees remind you that you are in nature. A cellphone lockbox and small in-cabin library encourage you to check out from your day-to-day and unwind with a book or a board game. Walk the on-site nature trail or hunker down and journal. With spotty cell reception, do you really have a choice?

Getaway provides each cabin with s’mores provisions, a campfire area with a grilling grate, and easy starter logs that city dwellers can handle. You’ll want to put it all on Instagram—just wait until you get home.


Request: A cabin facing east. There’s a better view, and you’ll be closer to the nature trail. The trees and a window shade do a good job of blocking the morning sun.

What to Do: Check out the nearby hiking options, or visit the country’s only Anthropologie Home Outlet store, in Pittsburgh.

Pack: Earplugs. Nature is noisy at night.

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