Four Wheelchair-Accessible Indiana Trails

The Great Outdoors should be accessible to everyone, but for persons who use wheelchairs—and parents straddled with kids or folks who just can’t get around as well as they used to—that’s not always the case. Sometimes, Mother Nature needs a little nudge. Here, four wheel-friendly trails designed to remove obstacles, not fun:
Fort Harrison Trace is a 2.5-mile trail of Fort Harrison State Park. The path is fully paved, making it wheelchair accessible. Moreover, the hard, even surface, makes it an ideal trail for those seeking something a little easier on their joints. The trail also features a unique view of a walnut plantation near the Sycamore Shelter and Shafter Picnic Area.
The Friends Trail of Brown County State Park was built in 2000 as a part of “National Trails Day,” and was constructed with seniors and mothers with young children in mind. Perfect for those who want to move at a slightly slower pace, the trail features several benches for resting as well as an observational deck and vista that overlooks the beauty of the park.
The Fall Creek Trail runs for 6.9 miles and allows users to travel from 38th Street northeast to Fall Creek Road without stopping to cross a street, making it an excellent choice for families with younger children. The route provides many opportunities for interacting with nature, including three canoe launches and numerous nature overlooks.
The Nickel Plate Trail scampers for some 40 miles through the communities of Cassville, Bennetts Switch, Miami, Bunker Hill, Peru, Denver, Deedsville, Birmhingham, Macy, and Rochester. The trail was originally purchased from the Norfolk Southern Railroad via the Federal Railbanking program. These days, it’s great for not only joggers and hikers, but also for bikers, skaters, and even cross country skiers. Overall it is comfortably wide and smooth, making it ideal for those new to hiking or in a wheelchair.